Kerri-Ann Batchelor

ACA Accredited Counsellor- Member Number 3430., Graduate Diploma of Counselling- Major in Grief & Loss., Diploma of Professional Counselling., Cert IV Mental Health., Cert IV Drugs & Alcohol,. Cert III in Community Services., Cert III in Business.

"My Story"

After 20 years in Administration roles, from accounts receivable & payable, payroll, office management, marketing, assistant to various program managers I decided to chase my dreams of counselling. I commenced study while also being a full-time mum and working part time in a not-for-profit community services organisation. I clearly liked a challenge and being very busy and somehow completed my first counselling degree. I then crazily commenced my second degree while being mum to teenagers, working part time in palliative care and using any spare time to study. I made it and upon reflection I truly don’t know how I managed the juggle.
My big dream was to have my own private counselling practice. I wanted to take time, listen, and support people to get the very best out of their lives. 

Every day is a privilege to work with people who open up and trust you to support them and truly hear their stories. I am always learning, growing, and pushing myself to understand more and develop. I am also amazed daily at human resilience and hope. Change and growth of individuals is truly awesome to witness.

Fun fact about me, in my spare time you will find me fishing and camping, and yes I am a very successful fisher/woman and love it.

"Professional information"

I am an (ACA) Australian Counselling Association Accredited Member, Specialist Palliative Care counsellor, Specialist Dementia counsellor and Specialist Grief and Bereavement counsellor. My extensive experience has been in Child and Family Services, Palliative care, Dementia care and Road Trauma Support Services. I have supported many families and individuals for over 20 years. I am passionate about supporting individuals, couples, families, carers and people living with a life limiting illness to manage changing roles, recognising loss, coping and managing carer stress, relationship changes/challenges, life transitions, trauma (including road trauma) and feelings of being overwhelmed. I have both professional and personal experience with palliative care, grief & loss, family dynamics and family separation. 

My professional training is constant, up to date and covers numerous areas including; Neuroscience and Neurobiology basics for Therapists, Supporting clients who Self Harm, Cultural Counselling Therapy - Mindfulness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,Understanding Grief Masterclass, Working with Trauma, Men’s Anxiety, Why It Matters, and What is Needed to Limit its Risk for Male Suicide, Understanding Dementia, Preventing Dementia, Strengths Based Theory Training, Respecting Patient Choices Advance Care planning, ASSIST suicide prevention training, Elder Abuse, Responding to behaviour in residential aged care, Group facilitation training, Family Separation, Family Violence, Child Focussed Practices, Cultural Diversity & Equity training. I have excellent knowledge of My Aged Care, Carer Gateway, Home Care Packages, local Residential Aged Care Facilties, local service providers, accessing respite and support services and referral pathways. I will always ensure that I provide appropriate referrals, information and support to services that would also be beneficial to you.

I have worked on many Mental Health and Wellbeing projects, focus and working groups and have assisted in the development of Grief and loss training, Diversity and Equity Toolkit, Grief & Loss for individuals working in Residential Aged Care, Palliative Care Q & A. Group facilitation experience includes facilitating Bereavement Support Groups, Fronto Temporal Dementia Carer Support Groups and providing education sessions on Road Trauma Awareness Seminars, Carer education in palliative care, Coping with Carer Stress, Care for the carer, Considering respite care, Understanding Dementia, Living with Dementia, Communication with Dementia, Managing the changes and Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Programs. I have been involved in Dementia Information Networks, Palliative Care Networks and Family Law Pathway Networks.

I am available for consultancy, presentations or group education. Please enquire


Sharing and understanding our emotions are important when we think that no one understands.

Take that step and reach out, it will make a difference and help you when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lost or alone.

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